BIO:  Trudy Askew was born in San Diego, California. She earned her B.F.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, and her M.F.A. from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  Askew is a figurative painter living in Houston, Texas, and is represented by Archway Gallery.



BIO: I was trained as an architect at The Architect school -  Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen. Alongside my architect working life,  I have for many years worked with drawings, graphics and collages as artistic expressions, with many exhibitions in museums and galleries. My motifs are characterized by architectural diversity which has always been my artistic approach.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:



I am a figure painter.  My recent work investigates persona, disguise, deception, and their role in creating identity.  My paintings portray the surreal human circus.  We all populate this vast theatre, where things are not always what they seem.  The actors I create identify themselves one mask at a time, by concealing their identities, and by establishing new ones. Lately I have refined the circus theme, and do not emphasize the tents, costumes and masks to delve more deeply into the human psyche. Unexpected life changes have further reoriented the focus of my work to look inward to investigate existentialism and self. The Rørpost Project came in the midst of this adjustment. Now I am trying to establish my new identity in the foreign world where I reside. I have produced self-portraits as a means to redefine myself. My response piece is one such example.



My challenge – very large piece of fine paper – my unknown colleague in Houston – this is a new journey into the unknown – new doors to be opened – so – here we start - tango for two – step one have been taken and the journey begins –  coffee and biscuits – intuition proves – I think – don´t  think in rules - catalog of ideas – idea sketch – sketch as a primary form – finished drawn on computer – elements to my colleague – main form recorded in pencil – water and color – numbers, text, birds, buildings in black ink with watercolor – I am satisfied – now it can´t be changed – lovely – safety has come – main form – details – now it is close to be finished – the music plays – “Come Fly With Me” –  Frank Sinatra.


Every child is an artist. The difficulty is to remain so as an adult (pablo picasso)