BIO:  Tracey Meyer now lives in the UK! She is a painter and sculptor who works mostly with geometric shapes. Meyer paints intricate patterns and make sculptures, often with repurposed objects, contriving to highlight the charm of the ordinary. Her work explores human nature and its effect on the Earth.


BIO: Sue Reeves is a figurative artist. Sue begins with a story. She builds a narrative by layering the figures in a context using acrylic and digital projection. The story is then yours.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:



My thoughts as I began my Rørpost collaborative piece were that we talk a lot about globalization, yet really we have failed to be connected on a truly global level despite all the social media at our disposal. My response piece carried on from these ideas, exploring the reality of moving around the world, how it is experienced by the migrants themselves and what the host societies’ feelings are as they experience an influx of an unfamiliar culture. Drawing on my experiences from living around the world, I have referenced what is currently happening across the globe. Migration is not easy – leaving one’s home and family can be tumultuous, whether or not one is forced to do so. I have expressed these concepts by employing machine screws to represent population movement and the emotions engendered by migration.



The concepts driving my paper exchange with Tracey have inspired my Rørpost response work, “ansigt til ansigt”, acrylic and digital print on canvas.  Both phrases “split by the ocean between us” and “mankind’s seeming isolation but the potential for interconnectedness” are integral to the expat experience. Tracey and I are both expats. I feel our exchange was born out of that commonality. As expats we build circles to blend into a new culture. Therefore, for the first layer of “ansigt til ansigt” I transformed the circular marks that Tracey painted in our paper exchange. I felt that the blue undercurrent in the first layer was an important symbol of “the ocean between us”. I placed Tracey and I in a position where we are face to face, ansigt til angist, in order that we may realize our “potential for interconnectedness”. The hues of our skin are pushed to the edges of our profiles in order to highlight a surface layer of circular marks, circles of conversation as we begin to connect.


“First Touch”; in response to Røre ( touch), split by the ocean between us. I left Tracey the option to create a diptych or bridge the severed arm in response to my touch. She chose to encircle the wound.