BIO:  Tami is a mixed media artist/architect with a studio in the First Ward Cultural Arts District of Houston. She is a founder of the Art Chatter Critique collective formed by Glassell Art School artists in 2004 as an interactive artist forum focusing on critical art analysis and cultivating creativity.



BIO: Flemming Rendbo  (1948). I am a self-made artist and a life-long teacher in art, crafts and design. Now an art consultant, art guide and artist, I am mainly working in a genre called Neo Pop Art. I create paintings, sculptures and objects/assemblages often using driftwood, recycled materials and objects, which fit my vintage expression.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:



Gazing back at our cultural exchange, I felt the humanism between artists.  I sought a lyrical, narrative response composed of regional artifacts while reminiscing Flemming’s Tom Waits portrait on an old, wood slat shipping crate.


Word lists flapping to the sounds of the waves clanging in Salvage Center Wastelands.  Glass Chards skating concrete docks as she soars winking shyly down at tiny ship Viking.  She a blue waved portal beauty spiriting artists into flight.  Yet balancing in her caverns, decayed plastique. steel glass hams like silent digital clocks all barely perched on wobbling legs.  Oh cities of port embrace her presence.





A new art-friend with a way of expression far away from my way, not only in distance, but also in our methods and techniques / / I was impressed by Tami’s geometric abstractions and figurative series / and of course I was scared of touching and starting to work on this beautiful paper / I sent my art-piece with Holger the Dane and his position in Danish history / maybe a little ”payback” to the huge influence we get from ”abroad” / Tami reacted with humor and a collage including Meryl Streep /The Statue of Liberty / I responded with a person from your political past, Abraham Lincoln, with a statement from former minister Robert Reich / exchange of opinions of art, music, politics and architecture in a friendly and positive atmosphere has been a great pleasure / Let’s continue to celebrate our freedom of expression.



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