BIO:  Graduated in 1988 with a degree in architecture. Studied and worked abroad in West Germany from 1988 to 1990 – a huge influence on my aesthetic thoughts and ideas. Unfulfilled at the drafting table, I bought my first woodworking tools in 1998 to satisfy my need to build and create.


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BIO: In my early years, the graphical form of expression truly fascinated me. The contrast of black against white was explored through a number of techniques including graphical drawings and printing. For a very long time my passion about drawing was paused due to other interests:  music, theater, and IT. But in time, I found myself in the world of art again, and to improve myself and my paintings I began to use my own experience. The experience I have had over the years was molded into the pictures, and today I work a lot with the expressions from graphics, why the process of each piece of art simply takes time.  The inspirations are diverse - from travel experience to a subtle wonder of the human being and the way we act, or even the lack of ability to act.




Although typically a woodworker creating objects in 3D, the collaboration with Blå Døre has given me the opportunity to follow my other childhood passion for drawing. There is a speed and simplicity, more room for spontaneity, in drawing that contrasts with woodworking where a single piece can take weeks or months to complete.  To draw liberates me to pursue a narrative and expression much different from my work in wood.  In this regard, the collaboration with my Danish colleague has been a great success for me.  It is with great pleasure for this opportunity that I share my work.



-the emotions that come when you step into an unknown and foreign territory.

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