BIO: Inspired by changes in metropolitan communities, my paintings and photography define the intersection of daily urban life. I am intrigued by the interplay of the fluid and static elements of the urban matrix, as is referenced in the architectonic images, reflections and rhythms of my work.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:


BIO: Lars Henning Andersen had his breakthrough as an artist in the early 90s, and has since had many exhibitions around northern Europe. Lars Henning paints his pictures in his studio in Esbjerg and at the Island of Fur.


"I paint simply because it is interesting. There is always something that is not contemplated in advance. It is with the painting as with everyday life - situations may arise by themselves. Sometimes mistakes are made, and it is well, for otherwise there is nothing new. "



Selected exhibitions: Strand-Galleriet, Vejers - Gallery Sct. Gertrud, Copenhagen - Gallery Amare, Stavanger, Norway - Galerie Hornbrunnen, Schleswig, Germany – Gallery Hamnen, Höganäs, Sweden - ArtHerning - Copenhagen Art Fair as well as several juried exhibitions, museums, cultural centers and art associations.






We live in a fast moving world. We are unable to capture the changes around us.  We feel trapped in a fast moving highway of transformation. I sit. I breathe. I inhale the thoughts, the ideas, the movements that are overwhelming, intense, rigid yet fluid, beautiful yet disturbing, moving and captivating. I digest the moment, this particular moment.  I allow myself to bask in it. My work struggles to define the intersection that is present in daily urban life. I am intrigued by the interplay between the fluid and the static elements present in today’s urban tapestry. My work investigates untangling the chaos, the brilliance of technology, human development, nature’s vibrancy and ultimate demise. I document it in the best way I know how, art, my only voice.





I did not find it easy, as I never paint on paper. But anyway, I did it, and it was fun. By a coincidence or through thought transmission, both my partner in Houston and I chose to block out part of our paintings using tape. I don’t believe anyone else in the group did this.