BIO:  Texas artist and creativity coach, Kay Kemp passionately creates paintings with a spiritual resonance. Decades of studies in art, creative process and spirituality influence her visionary art. She is founder of Wild Heart Art where she guides others in finding their true voices of self-expression.



BIO: After working with children her entire adult-life, she now is a full time artist. Her creative life has always been alive, so when she seriously started working with acrylic painting in 2004, it was something she felt she had been waiting for all her life. Her paintings can be seen in her own gallery, and others in Denmark.




Collaboration & Response Gallery:



Our collaboration was most intriguing but also had a large sense of unpredictability, and if I am honest, anxiety. I knew whatever the outcome, I would be challenged and stretched in unexpected ways. There would be no disappointment as I navigated the various stages.


First, there was the vast difference in our styles, mine being very defined while Tina’s abstract expresses so much freedom. We discovered a common theme of nature and a shared approach of allowing our paintings to unfold spontaneously. While there were moments of trepidation, the first pieces were exciting to create and to receive.


In the final stage I struggled with wanting a loose freedom instead of my usual style. Ultimately I conceded to my own process and allowed a flow of layered symbolism to develop. I came to peace with the understanding that like handwriting, we each have an innate style that longs to be expressed.





My first meeting with Kay was by looking at her paintings. I was a little scared because her painting was so accurate and precise. I saw some expressions of appreciation of the spiritual world.  Along the way, by talking to Kay through email, I also experienced a very kind and gentle person. That made me safe, and I became more and more interested in this cooperation. And, I kind of wish to meet her one day. To know more about her.


Painting - Kay Kemp & Tina Asmussen: I received a wonderful painting from Kay. 3 small trees very well made with a little brush. It was very far from my ordinary way of painting. I was a little frightened to ruin these small trees, made so accurately. I tried to imagine a landscape, and I came closer and closer to the tree little trees. Suddenly my leaves had to touch her little trees, it had to have some connection. I came closer and closer to her trees. And some imaginary birds had to be in her trees. The roots of her trees were a little difficult, I think I stopped in time, with her trees more or less intact but with a connection to my landscape.