BIO:  «Crossing boundaries with color and movement to beckon the vitality and sensuality of life » Karine is an imaginative Texan-French painter who conceives a space where we can exceed our limits and project ourselves in imagined universes. Her paintings carry strength and freedom that bring her peace.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:


BIO: In my early years, the graphical form of expression truly fascinated me. The contrast of black against white was explored through a number of techniques including graphical drawings and printing. For a very long time my passion about drawing was paused due to other interests:  music, theater, and IT. But in time, I found myself in the world of art again, and to improve myself and my paintings I began to use my own experience. The experience I have had over the years was molded into the pictures, and today I work a lot with the expressions from graphics, why the process of each piece of art simply takes time.  The inspirations are diverse - from travel experience to a subtle wonder of the human being and the way we act, or even the lack of ability to act.




You have to grant and to be granted immediate trust when you share your canvas with a fellow artist that you do not know. This is a great experience in terms of communication, understanding, and connection through Art.


Lotte, my Danish partner in art, appeared to be a kindred spirit. We both breathe colors and movement in our work. Her art also involves many whimsical characters that inspired me to respond creatively to her visual stories. This brings the dialogue alive. We also share the need to be the positive change we wish to see in the world. My response work is about that change and love our world needs so much. It is about letting go of control… and embracing what is to come. To start the process, I used the pages of a book, The Lay of the Land, as the foundation of a story that is about to unfold, a story of transformation that attracted many layers of paint and character. Enjoy!





Karine and I started the conversation about the artistic process via facebook. Karine mentioned Gandhi “Let‘s be the Change.” I wrote her an old slogan from Phillips  — “Let‘s make things Better”. These words became the basis for our work together. Sometimes we did show each other our sketches - also via facebook. Although I have never met Karine live — so I think we both felt like we knew each other when we were finished with the works. It was fun, fascinating and exciting to receive the other‘s work and thoughts. I tried to respect my artist-partner‘s color palette, lines and expression. While I tried to add something new. It has been a great experience – Let´s make the Idea Global!