BIO:  Swiss American artist, photographer, and writer John Bernhard traveled North America extensively before settling in Houston in 1980. For over three decades, he has explored the everyday world from new perspectives through photography, breaking away into different pathways of artistic expression.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:


BIO: Watercolor-painter, Member of Watercolor group  “TIDEVAND Vestjyske Akvarelmalere” and artist group “BLÅ DØRE.” For the 20 years I had my ceramic workshop in the center of Esbjerg, landscapes and nature were the most important issues in my life and work. Today this is still the main focal point of my work in watercolor. I started my professional career in 1971 as a teacher in public school until 1985. At that time I was admitted to the School of Design in Kolding, where I graduated as a ceramist in 1989. I have been teaching art and still teach classes in watercolor painting once in a while. Now I enjoy concentrating on watercolor painting. It is great to sit outdoors struggling with wind, weather, water, and the landscape. The colors, lines, drama, and movement thrill me. I interpret and improvise. The paint, water, and paper are my collaborators, and my workshop is usually outside in nature




I felt that my emotions, during the entire process, were raised by the fact that as an artist, I had a point of departure on one hand, and on the other hand I was allowed to forgo my conscious thoughts, and was able to embrace chance when I created my piece of art.


Being a photographer, the exercise prompted my response work to take on the watercolor medium. Thanks to Gitte, my counterpart, it opened a door to my early work and made me revisit a nostalgic medium never forgotten.





Bernhard send me a yellow woman body- landscape, leaving the sky to me.


I decided to use the green he had suggested and make a dramatic sky.


Surprisingly it was not watercolor paper, so the watercolor floated more freely than expected.


The female form was very calm and smooth, so perhaps it needed a little storm coming up?