BIO: Joe Aker is an internationally recognized Architectural Photographer and Artist.  He was recognized as Artist of the year by the Houston AIA chapter in 2007.  He grew up in Oklahoma City and has a degree in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.



BIO: I come from Poland, Gdansk, but I have been living in Denmark the last 30 years. I exhibit in different galleries and institution in all of Denmark and I have my own gallery beside my home in Esbjerg.  My paintings are a meeting with reality and fantasy and contrast between human beings and animals, the feminine and masculinity, beauty and the bizarre.

Collaboration & Response Gallery:



“Are we human beings trying to have a spiritual experience or spiritual beings trying to have a human experience?”  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Birth is fatal…what we do in-between birth and death is what makes us human.  In “Rebirth” I want to awaken in the viewer a sense of the cycle of my life. From the beauty of birth to the beauty of death to come, each represented by a flower, every step I took was contingent upon factors beyond my control.  I had to navigate the many boxes and traps that others tried to put me in and still live in the world around me. Having the human experience allowed me to travel a road to spiritually. For me to become a spiritual being, I had navigate both good and evil in the world and then accept the world as it is and escape from the boxes I was put in by a rigid society to just be me.  My art is my way to be at one with myself and to be myself.





I received a printed abstract painting for further image composition. I interpreted the motive made by Joe as a river.

I added a new motive to the river representing a human being preparing for new challenge in life as a swimmer preparing for a big jump.



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