BIO:  Jennifer Dunn lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, Jason, and sons, Adam and Paul. She grew up in Conroe, Texas and attended college on the east coast.  From a young age, art has been an important part of her life. In Houston she has been an active studio painter and member of the art community.



BIO: I work as a psychotherapist, teacher, and supervisor. I have been painting for more than 25 years, . Aand I have also had my own studio and gallery. I like to make very big pictures and I use oil and filling-knife . I never know what`s arising and where I`m ending with a picture.


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The creation and exploration of art has been a life-long love.  When I look at my work I remember my making of it — allowing for the meditation and dictation of feelings, stories, and ideas. Words require a beginning and end — structure and logic.  Art remains open to mystery and contradictions.


The human body provides inspiration for most of my work. It is beautiful. But, we also find it grotesque. It’s inner-workings giving us life — are extraordinary, but it’s failure creates great pain and fear.





What a special process for me. I got Jennifer’s painting, and at first glance I thought it was finished, so I didn´t know what to do with it. But one day, I started with a lot of energy, and suddenly I realized that I had completely covered Jennifer’s picture - there was nothing left of her painting. So I had to try to remove a lot of my own paint again, and it was not easy. And I was afraid that I would destroy the paper totally. I am used to painting on canvas with a filling-knife and in many layers.


So this was really an exciting challenge for me. And here is the result.