BIO:  Born in the UK, I have experienced many cultures while living and traveling abroad. Working with 2D/3D/ found objects, I delight in creating art from the every day. I have a Bachelors in Geology from Exeter and hold a Certificate of Achievement in Art from the Glassell School of Art in Houston, TX.



BIO: I grew up in the Wadden Sea area at Skærbæk in Southern Jutland, and, as a child, always moved in the marshes along the dikes. Since 1975, I lived in Hjerting by Esbjerg, located next to the sea. My paintings are a mixture of abstract and naturalistic, inspired by the nature around the Wadden Sea, the changing light, the flat landscape with the high sky – together with the impressions made by its inhabitants, people and creatures alike - mixed with a bit of fantasy and a brush of humour.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:



I work in 2 and 3 dimensions. My intent is to engage and intrigue the viewer using texture and multiples. My paintings are abstract: I manipulate the paint itself into whorls of color and introduce material to add dimension. The end result is a mosaic-like abstract.  My sculptures are equally unique, making use of the whorls of paint I create in conjunction with rock, bronze, metal work and found objects.


This collaboration with Jytte (my partner) has been great fun. The creative demands of changing another artist’s work as well as merging my work to a style so diametrically opposed was challenging. It was also exciting and intriguing to see how Jytte would add to my work. Our combination of styles created two very unusual pieces with unique artistic content – very different to anything I would have produced alone, but clearly with both our signature techniques portrayed.





My initial reflections were on the subject. What had to be in the image I would be sending to Jan Jbeili,- my partner in the “Rørpost-projekt” / Art Chatter collaboration Houston? I came to the conclusion that it had to be something that was characteristic from the area here, and something that marked my way of painting and my world of motifs.


So the natural choice became a landscape abstraction from the Wadden Sea, which included water, the marshes, the city, and the flying geese. The choice of colors came by itself.

Jan‘s contribution to the Rørpost-project is an abstract image in lovely colors and with attached fragments. The thoughts were started - what could I do about the image without destroying the whole? It ended with flying geese in various sizes and designs incorporating Jan’s part of the work.



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