BIO: The structural lines of my abstract paintings are often drawn from dancers dancing. These paintings are a celebration of life. Art making for me has always been an escape into a reality of my own making. I'm a native Texan.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:


BIO: Astrid Hygom was born in Esbjerg, where she lives today and paints impressions of the harbor, including huge constructions, oil rigs, and so on. Through her paintings, she transforms the rich play of colors in the marshlands and the harbor.


In 1999, she opened a summer gallery, the Galleri Skippergaarden, situated between Ringkøbing Fjord and the ocean on a narrow strip of land; the clear skies and wide horizons of this land are also expressed in her paintings.


Since 1987, her paintings have been exhibited in various places, museums, galleries, and art societies. Astrid Hygom is a full-time professional painter.




"I would like my art to make a strong social statement, a statement which would make the world a better place, but I don't know how to do that." I wrote this in July, 2015. While Astrid's painting was a peaceful, recreational scene, the crowded boat reminded me of refugees fleeing war torn areas in dangerous, overcrowded boats. My response became political as I filled the sky with newspaper clippings about plight of the refugees. Act of War (December 2015) is 50 x 36 in. acrylic on paper. The surface was covered with cuttings from the Houston Chronicle about acts of war which occurred in December of 2015. Many, many layers of thinned paint were allowed to drip down the surface as if the paint were tears.





My layout for Donna showed the paradox between dancing on water (kite surfing), and people drowning in the Mediterranean. This of course had to be displayed very realistically.


The black and white layout I received from Donna also was about dancing, but I could work freely with colours, which lead me to experiment in new ways.