BIO:  Damon J. Thomas is a sculptor in Houston, Texas. He completed studies at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Glassell School of Art. His work is in collections including the Houston Airport System and Armadillo Clay Co., and has been published in “500 Figures in Clay, Vol. 2.”



BIO: Johny Wilslew is working with different media, such as collage, painting, drawing, sculpture and decorations. He has decorated many public buildings and exhibited at censored art exhibitions, at galleries and museums in Denmark and abroad.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:



Every piece of art I make begins with a story. Whether I find it in myth, psychology or graffiti, story drives me and gives me the energy to transform raw clay into sculptures. The figure is my vessel – typically human, sometimes animal. Usually I make the complete figure, but sometimes I just make the head as the center of emotion. Gesture and expression are my vocabulary. Repetition and collage are my chapters and verses. Clay is my medium, sometimes combined with found objects that bring their own histories. My style is an abstracted realism that generally follows human proportion, but from which I freely deviate. I love to leave traces of handbuilding and other imperfections. I am drawn to glazes that quieten and unify the surface. My art, like me, is often called quiet. I hope that my work is soulful and meaningful.





When I received Damon’s art piece, I had problems for a long time about what to do. I looked and looked till I finally decided that his motive reminded me of lady’s lingerie or laces. Then I decided to paint a naked woman lying on a cover of laces. I started to paint white on top of the laces, and the woman is painted with a sponge. The finish is painted with brushes.