BIO: Carol McKee is a Houston based contemporary artist working for the past nine years out of her studio and gallery space at Winter Street Studios.  Carol is known for her striking works of animals (particularly horses) and birds, which have been assimilated into abstract backgrounds.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:


BIO: I have been working with art since 1995. To begin with only as a sporadic hobby… that quite fast became a big part of my life. My journey till now has brought me in contact with different types of art. It has been a playful journey which has only increased my creativity and expanded my artistic skills.


The last 7 years my work has been about mixing all my skills in to my ART.  The main inspiration in my works comes from street-art, abstract art, collages, recycling, politics, the world and people around me. I choose mostly bright colors because they have a way to brighten my soul. Peace.



This collaboration turned out to be far more interesting than I could have imagined – I was introduced to new artists, new styles, prompted to watch YouTube, read books and think a lot!

When Alf’s piece first arrived, I had no idea who the person was in his painting - a ‘rapper’, but no, it was Jean-Paul Basquiat, who began as a street artist.  When Alf’s second piece arrived, yet more stencils.  Research brought Banksy, another famous street artist.  I checked him out - I really liked what this guy had to say.   His wry looks at modern life, politics and respect for the underdog.  It made me think – what is graffiti, what is art?

I particularly like the way he focuses so succinctly on his subject – a ‘one liner’ in the comedy world.  Banksy’s stage is a wall.  We have heard a lot about walls lately!  Walls have two sides with conflicting points of view - the focus of my collaboration.





Throughout the process, Carol and I have emailed each other many times. I explained to Carol who the artist on my pics was, and told her about him and how he got into art. That made Carol study him and his work and life. When I received Carol’s work, she gave me the permission to paint over as much of her work as I wanted.  My inspiration came from the email we had sent to each other, and it has been a lot of fun. When we were finished with each other’s pieces, we sent pictures of the finished work to one another. I am ready for more. Thank you Carol McKee.