BIO:  Brenda received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute (KCMO), and is now a studio artist, using fiber as her main medium.  From a small town in Indiana she has lived all over the US from New Jersey to Seattle and has now been in Houston 20 years.


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BIO: I'm inspired by the soul, the light, and the colors from the North Sea - and I'm trying to express the contrasts between the peace and the unexpected, which is found in the wind, the ocean, and in myself.


All my life, I have lived next to the North Sea. Since childhood the North Sea has attracted me. One moment gentle and quiet - and the next moment wild and furious. Seeing the light and colors constantly changing has given me many manic moments.


My home and studio is 200 meters from "Ho Bay". With the magnificent scenery outside the door, the open landscape with the high clouds and the cool water, my painting is a necessity.


I have been a landscape painter for over 30 years and work as a studio artist. My paintings are made by acrylic on linen.


I originally trained as a ceramist and teacher.


I have exhibited in Art Museums, galleries, Art Organizations, and juried exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.




Art is a way of communicating a feeling or an emotion. My work is inspired by the world that surrounds us all.


Observe the ‘Shifting Sands’ of the world.  The sands are constantly moving, transcending from one shore to another. Traveling thousands of miles moving back and forth, stopping to rest, then uplifted and moved again. Spreading and evolving, forever changing, and yet still connected.


Look to the ‘Horizon’ where the land meets the sky obscuring the lines with color, sharing their space and coexisting. Flowing and evolving, forever changing, and yet still connected.


From one shore to another each uniquely different, yet sharing the same elements: the sun, moon, water and air. Stop and observe the details. The young eyes of the future, we’re all children with hopes and dreams that play in our hearts, each seeing a ‘Dawning’ from different vantages.



JETTE'S STATEMENT:  Material: Inks, Crayons, Watercolors on paper.


Brenda Schloesser wrote to me that she lives close to Galveston Bay, a great place of peace and rest by the ocean. On the basis of the landscape outside my door - let the wind blow over the ocean until it reaches your coast and changes direction - to a new destination.



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