BIO:  Becky Soria, American, born in South America, has been a presence in the Houston, TX Art scene for 20+ years.  She creates semi-abstracted figurative images, in which one can perceive surreal allusions and nuances combined with conceptual references that transformation, growth and mutation.



BIO: I have graphics and drawing education from an art-school in Denmark.  The expression between grey, black, and white tones gives me “the kick”. The process and technique of preparing the copperplate for printing fascinates me.  The work you do binds. You can´t rub it away or change it. I work as a teacher.

Collaboration & Response Gallery:



My interest and back ground in the Sciences, anthropology and Symbolism has had much influence in my work. These works tend to be semi abstracted Figurative images, in which one can perceive surreal allusions and nuances combined with allegorical symbolisms. During the last 10 years my vision has taken me to explore the human figures, and animal figures approaching them less from the familiar outlines and well known shapes, and much more from within them – I construct them from the interiority outwards, I strive to make visible their” visceral”, emotional life. I do this with the abstract language of colors, textures and shapes that allow me to capture profound sentiments arching through the ages from the ancestral feelings of the Earth as Goddess and mother and the fear of the hunted bison, to our contemporary anxieties, and hopes.





When you live in Esbjerg, you can`t help thinking about energy. There are always giant oil rigs to see at the harbor. They can be seen from many locations in town rising against the sky. At the harbor, you see elements from windmills. Boats that carry towers for mills to the big windmill park in the North Sea outside the western-most point of Denmark – Blåvand/Blue Water. I’ve always sailed, so the wind has brought me many beautiful places. That’s the reason for my drawing. The cooperation with Becky Soria/Houston has made me curious for that part of the USA too.