BIO: Barbara Tennant is a Swiss born architect and artist who has lived in Houston since 1982. She received a Master in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in 1972. Later in life she studied painting at the Art League Houston and The Glassell School of Art. She paints at Winter Street Studios.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:


BIO: Rich. Dethlefsen born in Denmark 1956, He has been making various types of art for the last 45 years. He has had exhibitions in many cities all over the world, as shown in his CV. He is making art because he can’t let it be, something is driving him to do it. He doesn’t know what, but he loves to do it.


The form of expression is something between symbolistic and expressionistic. His motto is: "listen to your eyes, and make your own decision". He finds inspiration everywhere, and it comes to him like a flash; even when he sleeps, he gets new ideas.  He can also get it from troubleshooting other things.  You always get a free win when you are troubleshooting.


As a child, he was very creative, and he drove his parents crazy doing funny things all the time.  His curiosity was bigger than his fear, and still is. He just wants to have some fun with all kinds of people from everywhere.  Art is an international language, and he loves it.





My artwork describes relationships between nature and development. I paint elements of the natural world combined with line drawings to express this theme. Non-representational art appeals to me because it allows the viewer to travel imaginatively through each piece. Map-like elements guide the viewer back to the theme of the work. I use various materials and processes. I often collage aerial maps onto plywood panels and paint over them in thin layers.


Next I tease natural forms out of the grain of the wood and overlay the composition with ink marks combining the elements seamlessly. My collaboration response takes a different approach by painting a landscape over a city map with building footprints that recede in a winter sky. The work expresses optimism that nature and the man-made world can exist in harmony with each other.





It‘s like getting handed a newborn, and then make sure it comes well under way.


I have done my very best.


Title of the work I completed:  “And out of the chaos came a little child, with sunshine for all of us“. See the work on Barbara Tennant´s site.