BIO:  Born in Pampa, Texas, Andis Applewhite lives and works in Houston. Known for abstract expressionist and minimalist screen and wood relief prints, she is a Member of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society and California Society of Printmakers, and a founding member of PrintMatters, and PrintHouston.


Collaboration & Response Gallery:


BIO: My art is focused on paintings, drawings and photos, but I too also like to do set directing and installations.  At the moment, I am focused on nature’s power, which can be seen in my paintings as well as my technictechnique . Since 2005, I have had several exhibitions at galleries and museums in Denmark and abroad. Art reviewer Kirsten-Marie Hedeland writes about my art: “The paintings are sizzling and bobbling of energy and movements, as if they showed us the beginning of life and nature’s power.” Exhibition 2015: New Artist Fair, London - Fanoe Kunstfestival, Fanoe - Kunsthal vARTe, Varde. Published: “Egyptian Myths” 10 books containing animation and story telling by me, Gyldendal  "Ordbilleder om Kaerlighed" Pictures and poetry by me, Forlaget GAL, 2014, “International Contemporary artist Vol X”, ICA Publishing 2015.




I found the Rørpost collaboration an interesting exercise. My counterpart, Lene Vilslev, and I had totally different styles of expression, use of color and stroke, and I wondered how the work we each did would combine. I felt a little awkward due to the distance and lack of direct communication. As a printmaker you would think I am use to collaborating with others. No so. I made the decision to paint my work directly onto her colorful background leaving some of the color showing through. On my response I again made my mark but in addition added a touch of blue in honor of Lene.



I was very pleased with Andis’ Japanese inspired black sign. I make my own acrylic paint from pigments and a binder, so I decided to start with an Indian yellow in the middle, then I added a blue and a turquoise, and ended with a darker yellow. My working process includes throwing the paint to the art piece. I like the way Andy’s work and my own has melted together. In the end I used fixative.

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